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Provide online privacy protection for all IOS devices.

How to set up a VPN on IOS device?

Touch VPN IOS App

Step one:

Purchase a plan and create a Touch VPN account. You can use this account for multiple devices, including iOS or others.

Step two:

Download Touch VPN to safeguard the iOS application. Go to the APP Store to download.

Touch VPN IOS Download
Touch VPN IOS Sign In

Step Three:

Login Touch VPN APP and select a server address to connect. Get ready for unrestricted internet service.

Main features for Windows Touch VPN

Touch VPN Feature Encryption

Military-grade Encryption

Using military-grade encryption to ensure your safety. We also provide several VPN protocols to ensure that your online anonymity will not be threatened.

Touch VPN Feature Policy

No Logs Policy

We will not monitor, track or store any of your online activities. That means there is no connection or activity logs.

Blink Feature Speed

Fast Speed

Touch VPN can improve user experience and internet speed. Our global servers will ensure you the fastest connection speed you ever have.

Touch VPN Feature Detection

Malware Detection

We can detect malware and malicious sites that try to steal your private data and block its DNS activity before they cause damage to your online identity.

Touch VPN Feature Protection

WiFi Protection

We will encrypt your traffic and protect you from all snoopers. You can stay safe on any public Wi-Fi network.

Touch VPN Feature IP

Hide your IP

Protect your privacy by hiding the real IP address.

Get a Plan

1 month

$ 12.99 /mo

$12.99per month for easy Internet access

Save 63%

12 months

$ 4.80 /mo

The original price is $155.88, and only $57.60 after the discount

Save 38%

6 months

$ 7.99 /mo

The original price is $77.94, and only $47.94 after the discount


If you are looking for more information about Touch VPN, please see
FAQ as below. If you need more help, please contact our customer support team via email.

Touch VPN have app for iOS & Android and also available on Windows & Mac OS.
No. With Touch VPN, there is no monthly data cap and no ISP service throttling.
No. Touch VPN does not store and activity logs or connection logs.
This is possible with any VPN but Premium VPN like Touch VPN are designed to mitigate the impact of latency until it becomes barely noticeable. If your internet service provider is throttling certain types of traffic, using Touch VPN could actually boost your speed.
Touch VPN have more than 1000 VPN servers in 80 countries, you can check out our server list at
Touch VPN accepts payment via: Credit cards: Visa, Master, American Express. Paypal.