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Q: Is this Free VPN absolutely FREE?

A: YES, our PPTP standard VPN service is clean and organic, no software installation, no malware, no bandwidth limit, and absolutely FREE.

Q: Can I use your VPN service from my desktop PC and my network appliances?

A: YES, you can use the VPN connections in any smartphones, tablet PC, desktop computers, game console, or wireless routers etc. If your network devices support PPTP VPN protocol, then you can use our VPN servers from your devices.

Q: I can't connect to your PPTP VPN from my iPhone, what can I do?

A: Mostly such issue comes from wireless router's firewall settings or your local ISP's restrictions. To get PPTP VPN working, please make sure the GRE protocol and TCP 1723 port are fully opened. Contact your service provider or network administrator for help if you experience PPTP dialup connection problems.

Q: Can I use your VPN for P2P downloading?

A: We are sorry, the answer is NO, this free vpn service is dedicated to mobile devices owners who can secure their EDGE/3G/4G/LTE or WiFi network connections on the road, to share the equal opportunity to every one and optimize the bandwidth usage, we don't allow any BitTorrent or P2P downloadings. Also please don't use the connection for any illegal internet activity, in case of network abuse your PPTP access logs are sujected to expose to authorities according to VPN server location's law.

Q: I have some questions to ask, can I get more support from you?

A: Sure, feel free to send your emails to info@touchvpn.com, thanks!